for Teams
A minimal, lightweight, and efficient methodology for capturing your team's time spent on your SR&ED projects.


The modern way to track SR&ED for teams

Why use it

It's a great way to capture SR&ED work with minimal impact

Automated Reminders
Stop worrying if your employees have remembered to do their time tracking.
Happier Employees
Our weekly report format only takes 3-5 minutes each, which keeps employees happy.
Avoid Year-End Scrambles
We help ensure your time tracking and project groupings are properly managed throughout the year.
Digitized Records
Know that all your SR&ED time and project tracking records are maintained a only a click away.

Who uses

Industry leading companies such as

How it works

3 simple steps

1. System Setup

Setup Sredio and connect systems

Sredio doesn't rely on any systems, but if you use Jira, we can make your tracking process even more efficient with predictive time-tracking and reports.

2. Weekly Reporting

Weekly employee emails are sent

sends weekly review emails to confirm time spent on projects. Other technical documentation is also collected.

3. Project Mapping

Map internal projects to SR&ED and IRAP projects

Use the to map various company projects to SR&ED or IRAP projects. Don't worry, we have experts who can help!

That's it!

Once set it up, you can take a deep-breath and know that we're on it!


Some of features include

Employee Reports
We send weekly employee reports to ensure time tracking is completed for SR&ED.
Manager Reports
We also send Monday EOD reports to give you a snapshot of the prior week's tracking.
Expert Review
Chat live with our SR&ED experts to get feedback on documentation quality, project mapping, and more.
Detailed Logging
Defend CRA audits for SR&ED and IRAP by ensuring detailed time-stamped records are maintained.

How much is it

For the amount of relief it brings, it's definitely worth it

$7 per user monthly

If you're not sure if is right for your team, we can offer a free-trial. Just get in touch with one of our experts and ask!

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